What to Expect

Outdoor Fitness and Training!

We have created a class that is "all about YOU". We provide an outlet for development through recreation and performance. Our programs stresses self esteem, accelerated skill development and fitness, through outdoor workouts. If you want to tone up your muscles, lose stubborn body fat, increase your energy levels and jump-start your metabolism all while having fun, Pulse is the place for you. There's no fancy equipment to learn, no crowded gym parking lots, no intimidating weight lifters. Just people joined together with the common goals of losing fat, toning up, increasing their energy, and having fun while doing it. Everyone will be challenged differently at his or her own level. Bring a positive attitude and an open mind, and lets have some fun.

Session Price

Each session meets 3 times a week, an hour a day, for 4 weeks. The registration fee for each session is $180. That's 12 hours of hands on instruction and motivation from a NCSF Certified fitness trainer for only $15 an hour! New members will be charged a one time $75 membership fee.

Drop-In Program

The Drop-In Program is only available for returning Pulse Boot Camp members. This is a great way for our boot camp vetrans to work around busy schedules and continue towards their fitness goals!

Drop-in days can be purchased one at a time or in bulk, but are only valid during the session for which they are purchased and will expire when that session is completed. Drop-in purchases can be used for any day/time options available within the session they have been purchased, but you must sign up to reserve your spot for that time the day before as space is limited.

What to Bring

        - Yoga Mat
        - Towel
        - Water Bottle
        - Head Lamp (for running outside during the winter months)

What to Expect From Class

You can expect a fun and motivating work out class, that will not only challenge you but help you to focus on YOU, and what is best for YOU! It is difficult to say exactly what will happen each and every day, from weight training, running, core training, any and every kind of out door fitness you can imagine. In the 4 week session you will gain self esteem about yourself both inside and out, learn what you are capable of, increase energy, lose weight, and just feel good about who you are.

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